You dream of being a real estate investor.

Wouldn’t you love to have a work schedule like this?

9:00–10:00 a.m.: Checking out emails, assessing new and current opportunities

10:00 — 11.00 am: Continuation of assessing new and current opportunities by the way of online research, and making phone calls

11.00 am-Noon — Review leases, review property reports

Noon — 1.00 pm: Lunch break with your Realtor (or mortgage advisor or fellow investor/landlord)

1.00 — 4.00 pm: Visiting your properties

4.00 — 5.00 pm: Making some more phone calls and tracking numbers (property values, net worth etc.)

5:00–7:00 p.m.: Hanging out with friends *do not disturb*

Your daydream continues…

Being a successful real estate investor also means you are a wealthy man with a big bank balance and lots of wealth in terms of appreciated real estate.

You spend your weekends either mingling with your family or taking a socializing or a vacationing off.

Every day of your life starts with refreshing energy. No big stress. You’re always on the top. In control. Feeling happy.

But then reality hits you.

Far from being an investor with a huge portfolio of properties, you’re struggling to buy your first investment property.

You’ve been cherishing this dream long enough. But you don’t know how to get started. You lack confidence. You’re afraid of the uncertainty that comes once you launch real estate investing venture. At times, you think you don’t have the courage to take the plunge.

I totally get it.

I have been on this path.

And I have spent countless hours agonizing to find a way forward just like you are doing right now.

I started my pursuit of real estate success at age 42. And after 10 years of real estate investing career, I have achieved more than what I thought I’d achieve when I started. I did this while making many mistakes and learning a lot from those mistakes.

What I did not do is let my burning desire (of achieving real estate success) to die. I kept kicking.

I think that’s what changed my life.

Now, I live solely off of the rental income (no 9–5 job grind!). The values of my rental properties are still growing even when I am asleep at night.

I spend more time on what I like to do. For example, I spend lots of time (about 4 months a year) with my aged parents in my home country.

In a way, I am retired 15 years earlier than I’m supposed to! Yes, full-time landlording provides you that luxury :). You have lots of free time at your disposal. You can delegate responsibilities and supervise telephonically.

This is the reason I have launched this blog — to help someone like you having a burning desire to achieve real estate investing success. I want you to get started today. I want to help you carve out your own real estate success path.

Here is what I wholeheartedly believe:

Real Estate Investing provides an opportunity for the Average North American family to become rich (or filthy rich if you start at an early age!) without a big investment. You can walk up the success ladder at your own pace and without quitting the safety of your regular 9–5 job.

You have unlimited options to choose from.

You can become an investor with a huge portfolio of multiple properties in several states. Or you may choose to be the investor of just a couple of investment properties in any of the metros and watch those properties to appreciate. There are ways you can create real estate wealth by indirect investing.

The bottom line is that success requires action.

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Let’s turn the first page of your real estate success story!